XrmToolbox add-in: Themer

As part of doing a client presentation, it always makes a difference if you can add a little effort to personalise the experience for your customers.

Using themes within Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or PowerApps model-driven app, you can add a custom logo to the top left corner and use the customer’s colors for the top banner, etc. The out of the box experience allows you to edit these things but you have to do a bit of manual work such as resizing the image to exact dimensions and setting each of the colors appropriately.

The other painful aspect is that this has to be done manually for each environment as themes are not part of a normal solution and cannot be exported any other way.

To deal with the above, I’ve created a plugin for the versatile XrmToolbox. Some of the functionality it provides is:

  • Color picker instead of having to enter hex codes for colors
  • Select a banner image and automatically have it resized correctly
  • Upload / download all theme settings/colors
  • Save / load theme settings to/from local disk

On top of these, there is a little Easter egg within the plugin which you can find out about in the video below.

Here is a demonstration video that shows you the features of the plugin and how they are used.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any feedback or suggestions for improvements in the plugin.

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