Custom Entity icons for the Unified Interface

So, getting icons for your custom entities was relatively simple. You just needed to find an icon that was relevant to the purpose of the entity and it would have to satisfy the following guidelines:

  • For classic web application, a 16×16 pixel image in .gif, .png or .jpg formats
  • For entity forms, a 32×32 pixels image in .ico format (later these could be in .gif, .png or .jpg format as per the 16×16 image)

Some sites which provide useful sources of royalty free images, at no cost with or without attribution are:

With the introduction of the Unified Interface, a new approach is now needed as the image needs to be in the scalable vector graphic (.svg) format which, as the name suggests, can scale itself to suit different sizes as required. The issue is that a lot of sites that provide icons don’t cater for .svg files as the method for creating them isn’t quite as straight forward as fixed size images.

After trying a few sites that claim to automatically convert from standard image formats to svg, I couldn’t find one that provided usable results. Eventually I discovered an online image editor that allows images (eg. .png, .jpg) to be loaded, edited if required, and exported to a .svg file. The editor is the Method Draw SVG Editor and can be found at

The Method Draw SVG Editor

Start by changing the canvas size in the top right corner. Double click on each number and change them to Width: 32 and Height: 32.

Once the canvas has been resized, go to File > Import Image… Load the image you want to convert, make any adjustments as required and then go to File > Same Image… to save the image to a .svg file.

Resized canvas with File menu open

Once you have all of your icons in .svg files, the XrmToolbox () has a great add-in called Iconator which allows you to easily upload the images to D365 CE and associated each one with the relevant custom entities.

Hopefully this helps in adding that bit of pizazz to your systems.

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